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The Better Spot. 

At The Better Spot, our mission is to foster a culture of wellness as it should be; sustainable. We're all about being “human-first”, understanding that life happens both online and offline. We’re dedicated to creating a robust and secure virtual community as well as accessible wellness hubs around the world.

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Our favorite people.

We couldn't love these people any more, even if we shared DNA. This group of humans has grown The Better Spot from a wisp of an idea, to the industry changer it is and the cultural pioneer it will be. Build Better with us.

Madilynn Beck Profile Pic.png

Madilynn A. Beck


Oren Inbar Profile Pic.png

Oren Inbar

Product Manager

Bliss A_TBS Profile Pic.png

Bliss Akinyemi

Support Speciailst

Anastasia Simon_Techstars.png

Anastasia Simon

Advisor | Investor

Global Enterprise Development

Britt Manor.png

Brit Manor

Advisor | Birthworker and Wellness Advocate

Brittany Davis.png

Brittney Scott, LCSW

Advisor | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Chang Hyun-Ko.png

Chang-Hyun Ko

Advisor | Performance Analyst

Marlon Wayne.png

Marlon Wayne

Advisor | Founder

Strategic Marketing Analyst

Paul Burke.png

Paul Burke

Advisor | Founder + Dir. of Business Operations

Zach Krasman.png

Zach Krasman

Advisor | Sr. Associate Real Estate

Our partners.

If you're only as good as the company you keep, we're doing pretty damn good. This growing group of aligned companies supports their customers in attaining or delivering wellness.  They recognize the incredible value of integrative care and we're stoked to provide them with it. Commit to making wellness sustainable.

In the news.

Interviews, announcements and everything in between about what we're doing here at The Better Spot.

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DEC. 23' - Founder, Madilynn A. Beck talks about the risks and rewards of Founderhood.
Shoutout cropped-logo-black.png
AUG. 23' - Founder, Madilynn A. Beck gets a shoutout from ATL.
JUL. 23' - Techstars Atlanta x Cox Enterprises class announced.
JAN. 23' - Founder, Madilynn A. Beck explores life with sustainable wellness.
JUN. 22' - Wellness is a human right and how TBS makes it so.
FEB. 22' - TBS Announces it's consideration for HQ in the Midwest.
SEP. 21' - Content Creator + Activist Kimberly Clark interviews Founder, Madilynn Beck on wellness in capitalism.
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