You've been asking for it and we've been building it.

The word "comprehensive" doesn't start to describe what we aim to provide.

Everything from sound baths to couple's therapy, and 16 practices of wellness in between, The Better Spot envisions a world where the phrase "health crisis" is obsolete and we'll get there by making integrative care accessible on both sides of the market.


Say goodbye to unused wellness packages or mouse-type contracts. At The Better Spot drop-in same-day, pay for the services you want directly to the Expert or access sliding scale/cancel-anytime-memberships through us. 


You know your business. We don't. At The Better Spot enjoy access to affordable, curated, liquid leases. Find your spot  same-day or in advance, for an hour or for the year. We understand that in wellness, flexibility is growth.

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It's about to get so much Better.
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