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You. Your best-friend, neighbor, grandparent, favorite barista at that little coffee shop downtown, The Better Spot is for anyone that's curious and excited about integrative care. Our Experts provide 12 modalities (focuses) of care, so that you can do wellness your way.
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What's an "Expert"?

The Better Spot recognizes any active Associate, Licensed or Certified practitioner as an "Expert" in their field. During your application you'll have to enter your name, title, state of licensure, license number and license expiration, to be verified by the wizards that live in the computer. 
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Can anyone use the app?

Nope. Currently the app is open to licensed and or certified wellness professionals only. But anyone with a mobile number can receive a 'Shout Out' (Expert referral) to an Expert in our community. 

How long does Expert verification take?

24-72 Hours. One day soon verification will happen within seconds, but until then we've got a lot of wizards all using one wand.

Where can I find a Spot?

Atlanta, Georgia! (Soon) Will be our first-ever comprehensive wellness hub to access care on-demand, but we want to know where you want us to be. So, make sure to drop us a line with your city and we'll be sure to let you know when something Better is coming to you.
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