Changing coasts was daunting; personally and professionally, but in the long run, inevitably best. Recommitting to the business and having to redevelop all components of the business, it's model and regeneration of all of it's resources was a tall task for a team of 1. The reincorporation of The Better Spot was the first organizational task taken on when the decision to relocate the HQ from Charlotte, No.Carolina to Los Angeles, Calif. was agreed upon. Rebranding was in-turn, a necessary part in order to speak to the hearts and minds of this new audience and we must admit, we wear it well.


No great thing was built in a vacuum (aside from a vacuum) and I, as Founder, recognized that. I spent months mapping out precisely the right categories of representation that would best serve the community and ultimately the business. In doing that I was able to identify Thought Leaders, Advisory Council members, that  invest their time and talents to providing expert personal and professional perspective to issues on-hand for The Better Spot.

With the addition of these influential changemakers the future of TBS was in far better hands, simply because they were more than my own.


Being validated is more than being heard, it's being connected and receiving the opportunity to speak on a wellness community panel for a mega player in the professional conference space leveled things up for The Better Spot. The energy at the event was one of excitement, hope and vision. It was a huge door opener to the potential that exists when speaking to a pain point generates a village.


Summer marked the rise of more than temperatures in Southern California. We received our first Friends+Family Investment, began submitting LOIs and began receiving pushback on our concept due to the poorly timed scrutiny of WeWork CEO, Adam Neuman. While the coldfeet of retracted LOIs (-$3M) was a hit to our heart and  quite the funding setback, you can't miss what you've never had, so we persisted. But the greatest hidden blessing was in our ability to learn from Neuman's very public mistake. 

The lack of transparency, ethical manipulation and most importantly loss of mission, was a lesson learned without having to fail. 


After much research and internal back and forth, we decided to move forward with the transition of incorporation to B-Corp. AHHHHHHH! I know, I know, why go through reincorporation unless it's legally necessary or a major revenue benefit? Because it's the right thing to do and we're in the business of better. The Better Spot was founded on the thought that where there is community, there is solution. We are dedicated to providing something better, not just for our clients or Experts, but the community we find ourselves in, greater Los Angeles and the world as a whole. By definition our new incorporation will measure our social and environmental performance and those are standards we'll be more than happy to be hold high. 


If you care for everyone, who's caring for you? Maybe a lot of people or maybe not, but regardless of your answer whereever you are on the spectrum of care it's necessity to share a little wellth with yourself. While we haven't secured a location yet, it's important to us that those practitioners who're patiently waiting for our doors to open know just how much they are appreciated...a lot. 

January 10th, we are hosting a self-care event for the care community, Visionscape. This 2-hour get-to-workshop will feature microsessions (5-7 minute, 1 on 1 holistic experiences) from some of our biggest supporters and masters in their craft. The key workshop will be led  by our founder and will coach attendees on how to put action against vision in a 30 minute exercise of vision, reasons and ways. Complimentary admission will be granted to those who RSVP. 

We hope to see you there!